on Ukraine

scorched earth policy
blood and bone enrich the soil
is this what it needs?


n.b. While the nonsense drags on in London, the senseless slaughter continues in Ukraine. Nobody wins. Day 133.

CLP 06/07/2022

on Ukraine

'pyrrhic' springs to mind
when you make claims of 'victory'
no points, no prizes


CLP 04/07/2022

on Independence

freed from monarchy
everyone responsible
Liberty Bell tolls


n.b. Beyond words.

CLP 04/07/2022

on light

a veil is drawn here
new day rises in Texas
lone star brings no warmth


n.b. Private profit, public loss. Free market extremism, private grief.

CLP 26/05/2022

“America is killing itself”

Like Dunblane, the horror
Little children trapped, shot
With their teachers
A single man with all the hatred a heart can muster
You can't buy a beer when you're eighteen in Texas
But you can buy two guns
Walk into an elementary
And murder twenty-one


n.b. For the editorial that spawned the headline above, check out Le Monde, the Parisian daily news publisher. We can only ask, how many more?

CLP 25/05/2022

on Ukraine xv

dead of night silence
broken record shrieks and cries
drunk mimics your pain


n.b. There is no peace until you have peace.

CLP 07/03/2022

on light

new moon's countless stars
given moment to sparkle
which have you become?


n.b. We come from stardust, we become stardust. Look up. We are still with you.

CLP 06/02/2022


on the water show us

this is where something has drowned

pretty as they are


CLP 03/07/2021

Dream #19

flying with brothers and sisters

screams of joy

uncontrollable giggles

screaming with brothers and sisters

pained by absence

collapsed in holes of grief

uncontrollable brothers and sisters

scoured by loss

wandering like orphaned kittens

absence of brothers and sisters


CLP 15/06/2021

On The Street, Leicester

May. Rain so intense it hurts

like February.

Two tall men stood

on the corner outside

the mini-mart by the station.


A ham and cheese sandwich

with a note shared

stories of losing fathers

in youth. Two lives

navigated by guesswork.


CLP 14/05/2021