On The Breeze


Gentle draught carries

Scent and echoes from afar

Sea air and childhood


CLP 14/11/2018

On Autumn VIII

Her tilt of axis

With orbital period

Gifts us the seasons.


CLP 12/11/2018

n.b Earth’s axial tilt wobbles but the mean is currently c. 23.5 degrees. The orbital period around the Sun is our Earth year. It is described as a sidereal orbit because the Earth’s circuit of the Sun is on an orbital plane that is relatively settled during the brevity of human lifespans. Source: https://www.universetoday.com/47176/earths-axis/

On Autumn VII

Hyacinth bulbs shoot

Despite storms, damp and darkness

Winter will sparkle.


CLP 11/11/2018

On Autumn VI

Butterfly, wings torn

Batted by splatter of rain

Spirals down with leaves.


CLP 11/11/2018

On November

Sombre trees stand bare

Paths buried by scorned leaves

Lost travellers weep


CLP 10/11/2018

On Shingle

Rushing stones swept

By surging storm driven surf

Spit and hiss at Man


CLP 09/11/2018

Nightmare II

Unbolted stable door

Frees untethered fears to run

Roughshod over dreams.


CLP  07/11/2018

On The Beach

Relentless waves

Assault makeshift defences

Wash away resolve.


CLP 07/11/2018

Nightmare I

She gallops through sleep

Creates turbulence of thought

Calm in her stable.


CLP 06/11/2018


Rocked by the moon

Gentle rhythms of the sea

Soothe the restless Earth.


CLP 30/10/2018