on time

don't know about you
I have some work tomorrow
moon slides into bed


CLP 02/12/2022

on time

Run Norwich 10k
they ask, what is your best time?
It's right about now


CLP 23/10/2022

on time

the congregation
depart bathed in victory
everyone happy

n.b. Not so great for the visiting opposition, admittedly.

CLP 17/07/2022

on life

grown-ups planted this
there must have been good reason
makes a neat goal frame

CLP 08/08/2022

on time

something will happen
speeds your sense of urgency
so few tomorrows


CLP 16/06/2022

on time

when did this begin?
working inside for decades
to pull you apart


n.b. Our bodies have history that in the retelling include an ending.

CLP 30/05/2022

on light

night time but not dark
city subverts day's rhythym
body clocks changes


CLP 03/12/2021

on waking

another morning
not enough hours to enjoy
all I've been blessed with


n.b. Starting with a heartbeat.

In fond memory of Moira.

CLP 27/11/2021

on need

it cannot be found
through the bottom of a glass
for love nor money


CLP 18/09/2021

On Hope

see, you have survived

but how was this possible?

your heart was broken


CLP 20/07/2021