On Numbers 6

A social sextet,

multiplied by two metres:

twelve square metres


n.b. I think that you’ll find pub tables ain’t quite that big…not that anyone is counting, so “one metre plus” is fine as well. I checked with the BBC.

The scientific evidence for physical distancing is published in the British Medical Journal, but it suggests we are not far enough apart. Which makes sense when you realise you can smell someone exhaling strawberry fumes from an electronic smoking device from a car park and a half distant. (What is it about those things? Why not just suck a lolly pop?).


CLP 21/10/2020

On Wilful Ignorance

Without symptoms

Does not mean without virus

Don’t think otherwise


n.b. Familiarity breeds contempt – sometimes phrased as “loosening inhibitions.” Consent for any form of physical contact is not just a courtesy.

A show of affection may be the kiss of death. No excuses. There may not be a second chance.


CLP 18/10/2020


On the Street xii

Smiles become tight lips

Breaths held, sentences halted

Nothing to hear here


n.b. At first I thought this phenomena may be an unsociable characteristic of city life, but realised it is a new courtesy amongst the unmasked, a show of respect for passing fellow pedestrians with white hair; not breathing out, postponing the moment of exhalation until some random old boy has safely passed by.




Mid-July, with public houses now reopened

We chose to ignore the government behest

That we risk our health and that of those we love

In the company of strangers for the sake of the economy

And instead took our bottles and cigarettes

Bought from the corner shop for economy’s sake

To the kitchen table

Where we privately drank and smoked ourselves sick


CLP 09/07/2020