on light

beyond crossing planes
straight from the heart of the Sun
arrow of perfect love


CLP 13/02/2022

on time

a pang or a pain
a tired ache or under strain
still my beating heart


n.b. Life in this old dog yet?

CLP 29/12/2021

On Proof

words had made no sense

so you placed my hand inside

your heart packed with ice


CLP 15/07/2021

On Summer

the heavens opened

rain filled in every hollow

she’d spat out her heart


CLP 10/07/2021


This heart beat repeats

unchanging, steady, rhythm

constant companion


CLP 30/06/2021

On Losing (3)

I have a hole here

the very shape of your heart

where mine’s gone missing


CLP 04/12/2020

Flower Moon Rising

Swollen as my heart

Bursting through my aching chest

She rises in joy


CLP 07/05/2020