Nothing Matters (V)

Beyond planets; stars.

Beautiful lights of heaven

What carries you on?


n.b. The space between stars is nothing but nothing. The Interstellar Medium (ISM) or Interstellar Space is a soup of gases; nothing is what it seems.

What lives between the stars?

CLP 18/12/2019

On Walsall VI

Ambulance driver

Yes, I was expecting you

But not quite this soon


n.b. Male life expectancy in Walsall is calculated as having fallen now to 57.7 years. We are a long time dead, but compared to the English national average, (data published by Public Health England) in 2016 it was reckoned healthy males born in Walsall get a bonus 10 years in Heaven. Which is fine if you believe it exists, I suppose.

CLP 07/02/2019