on light

all you can muster
from heaven, Earth and water
celestial blue


CLP 21/06/2022

Dream #17

white finger stretching south

beyond the headland

scratching open the sky

I rigidly follow the pilot

curled tight in a too small seat

the aircraft casting a fleeting mark

a dark crucifix on the rising sea

a pulse passing through the Channel

heaven howling echoes

in the chambers of my heart

I know not where I am going

nor why I am gone


CLP 12/06/2021

Dream #7

Everyone came along

everyone I had ever loved

friends, family, heroes

those I had been too shy to speak with

it was one hell of a party

I was dead, lucky



CLP 31/05/2021

L3 (Day 43): Carrow Hill

Here’s white light, no heat

Heaven’s lights will shine bright tonight

In this brilliant galaxy

how will you hear

the star that calls to you?


CLP 18/02/2021

On the Moon

New, she draws out light

enlivens heaven’s starred cloth

that wraps all in dreams



CLP 16/09/2020

On the Moon

Un-phased, she rises

Above man’s temporal world

Draws eyes to heaven


CLP 21/09/2020

On High

Drape of perfect blue

Dissolved by summer heat

Reveals heaven’s gifts


CLP 19/07/2020


At last they are here!

Welcome them with open arms.

Your dreams become you


CLP 13/07/2020

On Heaven

Celestial blue

Peopled by angelic host

Pale apparitions


CLP 13/07/2020

Nothing Matters (V)

Beyond planets; stars.

Beautiful lights of heaven

What carries you on?


n.b. The space between stars is nothing but nothing. The Interstellar Medium (ISM) or Interstellar Space is a soup of gases; nothing is what it seems.

What lives between the stars?

CLP 18/12/2019