on truth

believe it or not
there are many ghosts out there
calling from the grave


n.b. I had a wander to see where all this might be happening. No sign of the Heartbeat Café, no reply to my enquiring email via Bookface, or whatever it’s called these days. I think this perpetually advertised event is a ghosting.

CLP 21/09/2022

on line

preening, pouting, posing
snapping pictures beneath plastic peonies
for instant posting
images presented for impressionable
previously unknown people
now known as friends


n.b. Much of what you see in the photo above is fake something. Any further comment necessary?

CLP 19/05/2022

L3 (Day 55): In The Post

I receive an invitation to attend a Covid Vaccination Centre within the next week or so. The nearest centre offered by the NHS website I am directed to is 36.7 miles away. Meanwhile, 500 metres up the hill here is a Covid Vaccination Centre.

It was brassic today, the weekend was clearly a Fools’ Spring. We bathe in cold light caressed by winter’s freezing fingers.


CLP 02/03/2021

On Chess

Making the first move

Does not necessarily

Mean having control

n.b. As in a gun duel in any Western movie you care to mention, moving first doesn’t always work out for the best.


CLP 31/08/2020