on Time

BLM, Ukraine
women of Iran, China
...refuse to be slaves


n.b. The national anthem of The People’s Republic of China contains the line;

“Rise up those who refuse to be slaves”

Being brought up in England, where the national anthem, unusually, is about a person, not the nation, I have not had much time for national anthems, but the anthem of the PRC, as reported in The Guardian newspaper, has a line that I would happily sing.

It appears that the people of China have taken the words to heart. After nearly THREE YEARS of the Zero Covid policy some have had enough.

“…you may fool people for a time, you can fool part of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

Abraham Lincoln said that.

Enough is enough.

CLP 28/11/2022

on Iran

ball bounces around
all eyes on the football match
we hear your silence


n.b. Footballers refuse to sing the anthem of the theocracy. A banner in the stadium, ‘WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM‘.

CLP 21/11/2022

on Iran

in the name of god
armed men chase, beat, punch and kill
defiant children

p.s. The Guardian of London reports that 58 protesting children, some as young as eight years, have been killed by the ‘Morality Police’ and their cadres, in the current freedom rallies.

One thing all children hold dear, is a sense of fairness. Any teacher of any year group, will confirm this to you. The children of Iran are no different.

Women. Life. Freedom.


CLP 20/11/2022

on Iran

beat, kick, murder children
what your godliness demands?
Woman! Life! Freedom!


n.b. What is there to lose when people have nothing to lose?

Do you think the mothers of the missing fell silent in Argentina? Police men of Iran, your time will pass.

CLP 17/11/2022

on Iran

let's face up to facts
immorality police kill
Jin. Jiyan. Azadi.


n.b. Women of Iran unmasking them, is what the men of the brutal theocracy fear most.

CLP 10/11/2022

on Iran

young people have lost
fear of authority's fist
new freedom riders


n.b. During my recent travels in the US I saw a statue of a woman sitting calmly. I saw the image repeatedly: in the Capitol in Washington DC; in Memphis TN; in Birmingham AL.

The woman was Rosa Parks. Her determined protest, to sit where she wanted to on a bus, regardless of the state law at that time that segregated people by skin coloration, fired up people tired of being oppressed, tired of being downtrodden. Her sitting down was a signal to others to stand up to inhuman authority.

In Iran, the people most oppressed by the theocracy, women, particularly young women, are tired of giving in too.

CLP 03/11/2022

on Iran

police shoot into protest crowds
Woman! Life! Freedom!


n.b. Forty days of mourning for Mahsa Amini has become a rolling wave of grief as other innocent school children (girls and boys alike) have been murdered by the authorities, with others who have committed the capital crime of calling out the repression of a brutal theocracy.

CLP 27/10/2022

on Iran

Birmingham's children
could not be silenced by hate
nor Iran's school girls


n.b. School girls being beaten to death by Iranian security forces for refusing to be told what to wear and what to sing.

The Birmingham ‘Children’s Crusade’, equally spontaneous, filled Alabama’s police cells. The children knew that their protests, against violent racism, would clog up the legal system, without affecting the economics of their family homes, as a working parent being incarcerated would have done.

In Iran, the vicious treatment of women, is the response of men who have been told “No.”

CLP 18/10/2022

on music

never walk alone
with hope in your hearts
Iranian blues

n.b. Music-maker, Shervin Hajipour; poet, Mona Borzoi; footballer, Hossain Mahini; all arrested for voicing protest at the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini.

Mahsa had been arrested for failing to meet the strict dress code for women in Iran. She died three days after being taken from her family on their way to visit relatives in Tehran. She had been beaten on being taken into a police van, witnesses reported.

A song ‘Baraye’, released on social media comprising words from the voices crying out at this murder, is integral to the continuing protests. Change has got to come and music keeps the flame of hope alive.

You can hear it here. Every word has been taken from social media messages of protest beginning with “because…”


It’s worth under three minutes listening time. As of today’s date, 92 lives have been lost in the three weeks of protests.

CLP 04/10/2022

On Numbers (45 and counting)

Mexico, Iran

Journalists murdered and hanged

For pictures and words


n.b. While in England we have skilled writers pedalling propaganda for the Brexit cause, in Mexico a journalist was shot down on the street near Jerez, after taking pictures of bodies of people murdered and left by a roadside.

In Iran a journalist alleged to have been using social media to encourage participation in the street protests against the theocracy of Iran in 2017 was executed this week.

Rullohah Zam, aged 47, was found guilty of “corruption on Earth”. Who could be so pure of spirit to qualify to pass a judgement on such a charge?

Jaime Castaño Zacarias was on his way to report on a local town hall meeting when he stopped to photograph the victims of a massacre. Thugs who run drug gangs in Mexico are thought to be responsible for all of the murders that prompted Jaime Castaño to stop and take photographs.

These two news staff are the latest to die as a result of their work. The numbers are tracked by the International Federation of Journalists.