on irony

cutlery city
I ate pizza with fingers
no need to wash up


CLP 08/03/2023

L3 (Day 78.5): On Air (ii)

Big mouth strikes again.

Three hours out and a puncture

Took wind from my sails


n.b. Hahahahahahahahahahaha 🙄


CLP 25/03/25

Fire Engine

It was relatively early

But my sleep patterns had gone curly

I needed to get more rest

Everyone said it’s for the best

And then a fire engine stopped

Just as I thought I’d dropped

to sleep but could not because they sat there for sometime in the road with that deep diesel engine running shaking the walls, filling my apartment rooms with fumes.

I’m afraid I really wept

When I should have slept


CLP 24/02/2021


Mid-July, with public houses now reopened

We chose to ignore the government behest

That we risk our health and that of those we love

In the company of strangers for the sake of the economy

And instead took our bottles and cigarettes

Bought from the corner shop for economy’s sake

To the kitchen table

Where we privately drank and smoked ourselves sick


CLP 09/07/2020