on colour

remember blue skies
languid pines, dappled hillsides
cynical east wind?


CLP 17/02/2022

on light

is this Italy?
pine trees, clear sky, sickle moon?
yucca's frost needles


n.b. Come, take me away from here! To Italy for spring showers, steaming pavements and warmth of the morning sun.


CLP 04/02/2022

Dream #2

chairs edge round

tracking the high Sun’s arc

across the piazza

blue pierced by medieval tower

the cafê name



CLP 29/05/2021

On Memory ii

We at tower top

blue mist lines of distant hills

Il duomo bells


CLP 05/01/2021

On Daisies

It was warm that early April Sunday

We ‘d set out to the coast on foot

Ignoring the mosaics

Shunning the churches

We headed east

Seeking swishing pines stood in sand

A first sight of the Adriatic


Progress was erratic

Heading east for a beach?

My pigeon brain unable to compute

For me the sea is the English Channel, the Solent, the Western Approaches

South or south-by-south-west ingrained

So when we finally found the road “al mare”

It was time to rest on a daisy carpet


We shared water

Unwrapped silver foil to take a snack

The pink-tinged flowers tickling our legs

You cross-legged, summer dress tucked up to bare your knees to Sun

I sprawled, pressed my gangly silhouette into the flowers

We two temporary distractions

To hover-flies and bees


CLP 27/03/2020

On Sardines

As the net tightens

Masses mobilise knowing

Love can cut the mesh




CLP 12/01/2020