on life

who are you kidding?
all the better to feel joy
reminders of pain


CLP 29/12/2022

on time

what time was it when
we stopped, listened out for owls?
erratic rain spots
what were you thinking
when you scrunched leaves down my shirt?
quirky love tokens


CLP 31/07/2022

On the Beach

I’m never tired

of each tide’s unique beauty

waking next to you


CLP 03/08/2021

On Cricket

lost in crazy crowd

found myself wrapt in laughter

caught being happy


CLP 16/07/2021

On Water iii

great crested grebes dance

like that Sunday afternoon

when our hearts dove-tailed


n.b. Somewhat hidden by the willow branches, but they are there…promise.

CLP 12/04/2021


she pulls at the watery cloth

tied tight to shore

although it shifts at anchor

it will not come free

so she cannot hide her arid face

from a world that won’t stop

spinning, cannot pause while there

is still a breath of air


CLP 18/02/2021

On Memory ii

We at tower top

blue mist lines of distant hills

Il duomo bells


CLP 05/01/2021