on time

brilliant pinpricks
other worlds as yet unknown
Earth's locked-in syndrome


n.b. Alone, or not alone? This is the question. Jupiter and Mars accompanying the Moon on its leisurely stroll.

All be they mere lights, amongst many in the night sky, our fellow travelling planets still inspire awe on an autumn night.

CLP 09/11/2022

on light

largest of planets
spins past before night takes hold
better things to do


CLP 27/10/2022

on light

she leads the big guy
on a merry dance tonight
mist softens footsteps


CLP 11/09/2022

no Moon

this is when I feel it most
the air thick with mist
desiccated leaves
scratching at paving slabs

fine webs strung between damp blades
covering verges except where disturbed
by fungi pushing through to pour out spores by the million

tonight there is no lunar distraction just railway siding lights,
street lights, traffic lights, headlights, crossing lights
red lights topping off a crane
a ceiling light in an uncurtained room
each corner bared without shame

above all this electric illumination
beyond the mist, night's black chasm
with Jupiter and its satellites bright
the redness of Mars distinct
even to my tired eyes

I'm nearly home, it's midnight
a digital sign tells me +17c
all I need to know
is when you'll next see me


CLP 09/10/2021

on Switzerland ii

the planets and stars
worry not about our troubles
they rise above us


n.b. Jupiter and satellites with Mars over Lac Léman.

CLP 24/09/2021