Is it safe to ask? he asked

Ask what? she asked.

You know he said.

You’ve lost me there, she sighed.


She had hoped for something more direct;

straight-forward, clear

But what she heard, was what she feared

So with his faint words

He lost her there.


CLP 17/10/2020

On Language

When I, mine, my, me

Become the focus of speech

What happens to us?


CLP 10/12/2019

On the Continent

Without adequate

Language to discuss ideas

Mere observer


n.b. A first step in learning is observation. A higher level learning develops through considered argument and then further enquiry based on questions that arise.

Being abroad with just an English tongue is embarrassing; with a proven liar as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, doubly so.


CLP 07/10/2019

On Politesse

Polite to the point

Of rudeness? Formality

Without connecting


CLP 07/07/2019