on time

somehow we'll find words
spoken or written to say
what has been hidden


n.b. It just takes time to get the language right. Non?

CLP 10/11/2022

Pillow Talk

Where were we when you said
It is okay for me to say "tu"?

I could not reciprocate, there is nothing
in English to convey such subtle change

That step from formal to familiar
From mannered speech to intimate

It exposed the Anglo-Saxon in me too
My lack of ease dealing in grey

My lack of language to express
Emotions too layered for me to grasp

Our travelling to and fro
Became too much

From me to you and you to me
To be apart meant to ache

To be together meant knowing
We two would soon have to part

When we reached where the way divides
We knew we'd take two different paths


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-Two prompt: Repetition.

CLP 22/04/2022


Is it safe to ask? he asked

Ask what? she asked.

You know he said.

You’ve lost me there, she sighed.


She had hoped for something more direct;

straight-forward, clear

But what she heard, was what she feared

So with his faint words

He lost her there.


CLP 17/10/2020

On Language

When I, mine, my, me

Become the focus of speech

What happens to us?


CLP 10/12/2019

On the Continent

Without adequate

Language to discuss ideas

Mere observer


n.b. A first step in learning is observation. A higher level learning develops through considered argument and then further enquiry based on questions that arise.

Being abroad with just an English tongue is embarrassing; with a proven liar as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, doubly so.


CLP 07/10/2019

On Politesse

Polite to the point

Of rudeness? Formality

Without connecting


CLP 07/07/2019