on time

grandson stands, twists tongue
attempts clicking of fingers
softness of digits


CLP 26/10/2022

on time

what time was it when
we stopped, listened out for owls?
erratic rain spots
what were you thinking
when you scrunched leaves down my shirt?
quirky love tokens


CLP 31/07/2022

on time

unbridled laughter
accompanies every step
for what do you watch?


CLP 25/07/2022


close to midnight
twenty two degrees
roof open
we roll down the windows
roll down the strip
cruise control on
twenty mph
can't find the music
shuffling through the dock
warehouses, flood lights, cctv
cobbled streets, Trafalgar Square
depeche mode
an abandoned town film set
a lone riotous pub on the quay
we roll on
not street racing from the lights
we're up to sixty, plus
we head West by North-west
sea-salt thickening our hair
fair skin pinked
all the youth
we lived apart
in an evening


CLP 18/06/2022

on laughter

we forget ourselves
our precious concerns
delicate dispositions
we let go then
caught ourselves having fun
wondered if we could really
fall trusting the other
to fall too


CLP 17/02/2022

On the River

casting a fresh line

heavy river running slow

your smile caught my eye


CLP 04/08/2021

On Cricket

lost in crazy crowd

found myself wrapt in laughter

caught being happy


CLP 16/07/2021

On Dreams xv

these people are all

wrong faces on known bodies

pantomime horse shit


CLP 20/05/2021

On Dreams v

I wake to laughter

your smile, those beautiful eyes

mine dare not open


CLP 07/05/2021

On Playing xxi

Is that how it was?

Truly unbelievable.

Oh! How we laughed


n.b. Sometimes you just cannot make it up. The happiest coincidences, the spontaneous choices, the good fortune, the generosity of the people you bump into on the way, the adventures. Some call it fate, but that’s life!

CLP 30/01/2021