on time

grandson stands, twists tongue
attempts clicking of fingers
softness of digits


CLP 26/10/2022

L-plates iii

i will not forget
to keep checking the mirrors
overtaking past


CLP 23/08/2021

On Leaving

Of all the advice

I’ve ever had, the best is

Close the door gently


n.b. Or stay and talk things through. Kettle on?


CLP 14/03/2021

On The Great Plains

Using graphics to

remember all kinds of stuff

such as history


n.b. American Bison / also known as buffalo / Bob Marley / Buffalo Soldiers / African-American regiments of the US Army / Civil wars of the USA / Indigenous Americans* / First Nation / slavery / colonisation / land grabs / exploitation / What is freedom? / What do we love and whom do we love? / Who pays for prosperity? / Is a life survived best left unexposed? / ethics / Trace’ by Lauret Savoy.

* I am uncertain how to collectively name the people who populated The Great Plains of the North American continent. Advice happily received.

n.n.b. Inspired by NF. Thank you.


CLP 10/03/2021

On Playing xvi

Doctors and nurses?

Imagine who you might be!

Adults can play too.


CLP 28/01/2021

On Playing iii

Disregard of fears

leads you to discovery

of hidden talents


p.s. Play safe, or try stuff out for fun? What have you got to lose by trying? It’s only a game after all. It will be your turn to start next. ‘Mugs away’ as the saying goes.


CLP 16/01/2021

On Numbers (x.4)

To value life now

I’ve had to learn from mistakes

She is my teacher


CLP 24/11/2020

At the Gate

A sentinel attending her borders

Set a bonnie fire of enthusiasms

Enflamed idleness

Smoked out fears

Stoked courage

Sparked resolve

Sent me on my way alight


CLP 11/07/2020

Depuis 1960

Still asking questions

Always happy for answers

Easy or painful


n.b. I am hungry for more. Feed me.


CLP 06/01/2020