on time

talk me through again
how you stayed for me, for us
you liar, you spiv


n.b. I rarely do politics…

CLP 07/07/2022

On Playing xv

What do we do now?

I know, let’s play Hide & Seek!

No, Prime Minister


n.b. The man who hid in a freezer during the last General Election to avoid the press.


CLP 27/01/2021

Fat Blond Bloke

A draught cloaks each step

Sucks the heat from the air

Light from day

Magic from the stars

Living in a perpetual November

Each night longer than the last

Dying embers of joie de vie

Falling through the grate

Hope extinguished

By the puddle of cold sick

Retched up by the Lying Liar’s lies


n.b. I would like to thank Alexander Boris Johnson for inspiring me to write this poem and John Crace of The Guardian.


CLP 07/12/2019