on truth

now the hole story
liar by his omissions
outline of events


n.b. With this UK government, it’s what they don’t say we have to be careful of; the unknown knowns, so to speak.

CLP 31/01/2023

on Ukraine

evacuate call
cruel deceit of remaining
victims who'll be blamed


n.b. A call to Moscow to help evacuate Donbas as Ukraine’s army advances, means the area will only be lived in by people who wanted to stay in their homes, but they risk being called Ukrainian patriots and therefore “enemy” to the recently retreated occupiers. Victim blaming being set up, like an idiot’s chess move.

on truth

speaking of others
reveals more about you than
illuminates them


n.b. ‘Your Face Tomorrow’ by Javier Marías is worth a dekko.

CLP 05/08/2022

on time / on Ukraine xix

the truth hurts, it burns
eats at our souls if we lie
something more than words


n.b. The truth will out. For Marina Ovsyannikova this was the time to stand up and speak her truth.

CLP 15/03/2022

on Ukraine ix

It's "a matter of
Ukrainian self-defence"
is all we offer


n.b. Expect little more than more hot air from a UK government led by a liar and a spiv, whose political party accepts money laundered through Londongrad.

I am reminded of an old joke adapted:

Q: How do I get out of this?
A: Well, I wouldn't start from here, if I were you.

CLP. 24/02/2022

On Moonshine

two-faced accomplice

to seducers’ silver tongues

dusty pockmarked lump


n.b. How many false promises has the Moon encouraged forth, not least from poets?

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Seventeen: The Moon.


CLP 17/04/2021

Lockdown 3 (Day 25): Inside

A voice message. I hear the sadness, pain and anguish among the words, the breath, the hesitation and fluctuating voice. It is clear. My heart aches to hear it. There is no way to be there, to wrap arms around, to comfort.

A telephone conversation. I hear the deep breath before confession. I hear what I already thought was so. Apologies are unnecessary. I am grateful for the respect this honesty shows. Thank you for the courage you found to speak. I am relieved to find the story I built around lies can be re-constructed with truths.

A text. I see the angry confusion that comes from frustration; witness the retreat. I recognise the reaction, the wounded withdrawal to safety. This is not my family. It is not for me to intervene. My white charger is out to pasture, but I am here if needed.


CLP 30/01/2021

On Playing xix

Game of Truth or Dare!

Which is the most frightening?

Dare to be honest


CLP 30/01/2021

Truth, it’s out there


I want

I want you

I want you to

I want you to be

I want you to be happy


CLP 20/01/2021

In Voices

Whatever the words

Truth revealed in pauses, breaths

Telephones can’t lie


CLP 27/12/2020