blocks lined-up from blue-prints
radiate back late summer heat
deny sleep


CLP 07/09/2021


did you feel
the tide turn
the new moon rise
something shift inside


CLP 06/09/2021


this reminded me
of your smile
that reminds me
to smile too


CLP 05/9/2021


lone caw of crow
the thinning oak
willows dragging the river
for another lost summer


CLP 05/09/2021

Dream #n

what was it that stirred me
the curtain catching autumn air
bed-softened lips on my cheek
your bra clip clicking shut
brush pulling through your hair
the nib on the notepaper
the trail of last evening's perfume
compressed by the closing door
the chasm echoing your leaving


CLP 04/09/2021

On dancing

one, two three, one, two
free me from expectation
and let's hit the floor


CLP 03/09/2021

on the bus

buy return ticket
always a sensible move
choose to use or burn


CLP 03/09/2021

on cloud

it's been dark so long
but for one ray of sunshine
hearing you smile


n.b. Haiku

CLP 02/09/2021

on time iii

another email

arrives offering new ways

to be someone else


CLP 01/09/2021

on time ii

waiting for what precisely

something to pick you up

someone to pick you out

one more turn around the Sun

next spring?


CLP 31/08/2021