On Walsall VI

Ambulance driver

Yes, I was expecting you

But not quite this soon


n.b. Male life expectancy in Walsall is calculated as having fallen now to 57.7 years. We are a long time dead, but compared to the English national average, (data published by Public Health England) in 2016 it was reckoned healthy males born in Walsall get a bonus 10 years in Heaven. Which is fine if you believe it exists, I suppose.

CLP 07/02/2019

To My Father

I heard “I love you”

Spoken to me in a dream

I cried myself awake


n.b. How do we deal with loss? How do we learn to accept that there will be no more moments, nor conversations shared with one we loved?

CLP 01/02/2019

Nail Gloss

I caught a train

Empty seat opposite soon filled

Ellie, was her name

Her grandma told me


Ellie watched me

She leant across to look at my phone

She pointed her finger

Showing her fingernail painted pink

I extended my index finger

Our finger tips touched

Across the table

She smiled at me

I smiled too

Such a small hand

Such a tiny finger


Later in the middle of the city

So busy, full, slow

So crowded

I couldn’t see my shoes

There was Ellie in her father’s arms

Across the street

She smiled at me

I smiled too

Such a small child

Such a huge smile.


CLP 31/12/2019