Heading west on the A303

Needed to pull over to have a pee

Surrounded by brambles up to the thigh

I wouldn’t want these fruit in my apple pie



A pink rose petal fell

Two edges curled, forming a point

It blew past, just heavy enough to catch on the patio’s rough slab, then tumble

Crumple, tear


Of course, it reminded me of you

Carried on life’s breeze

On your unsteady path

Head over heels, then flat on your face

And all possible positions in between

Crucified by lust

Pinned by regret

Speared by grief


CLP  30th June 2019

On Friendship IV



Soft, silence settles

Stars pin-prick heaven’s cushion

Warm blanket of calm


CLP 23/06/2019

On Friendship III

Ask the contrary

Expect nothing; accept truth

Without sugar coat

CLP 21/06/2019

On Friendship

Connections hold fast

Details rarely important

Time no barrier


CLP 20/06/2019

On The Move

Boxed, bagged, packed in tight

Lurching on with all that’s left

Eyes front; use mirrors


n.b. You can’t take it with you, I have been told. What is the least we need? Are we heading to a time when nomadic living is again the norm? Like travellers in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, everyone is on a journey; everyone has a story.

CLP 13/06/2019

On Memory

There it was, so close

Reflection of something past

It’s known it was known


n.b. Whatever it was is not so important, but not being able to recall it creates a new reality; the understanding that time has been stretched so thin that gaps are appearing in its fabric. Like a fleece that has been stretched too far, holes are created that themselves will become forgotten when the yarn is spun.


CLP 06/06/2019

On Rain X

Warm weather approaches

Party time for the English



n.b. Monthly rainfall average for April 2019 in the Southern Water region is 22.7mm. This is less than half of the long-term April monthly average of 50.8mm. Alarm bells should be ringing very loudly. If you listen very hard you might hear farmers and gardeners saying that they are hoping it will rain soon. Nothing from the privately-owned, profit-driven water conpanies.

Meanwhile sales of hot tubs to fill with the precious liquid continue as the blubbery British find new ways to take the weight off their feet and their minds off the Conservative Party, Brexit and the latest breeding news from Buckingham Palace.

According to the retail chain Argos, in 2017 the UK’s top hot tub city was Newcastle. The top region for obesity in 2017, according to Public Health England, was the North-East where obesity is found in 27.1% of the population with a further 41.5% of people classified as over-weight.

Weight loss and well-being does not come with a plimsoll line tatoo on your belly, (or five bellies).


CLP 31/05/2019

On Open Ground

Hind steps from bracken

Edges to field centre

Grazes in full view


n.b. Have you noticed that deer do this? They often choose a wide open area to settle down, eating and resting in a place that allows them to be easily seen, but allowing themselves time and space to respond to approaching threats. Safer to be out there and able to breathe fully exposed, than to be living constantly nervous of being caught when confined under cover.

CLP 27/05/2019

Natural Consequences

Anarchronistic Britain

Cannot decide European future

Government has ignored

Knife mayhem

& numerous other pointed questions

Requiring serious thought.

Unburied victims wait


Yield to zymogenes


“&” was the 27th letter of the English alphabet

Xenoliths are small particles of elements found within larger deposits of mineral, rare elements amongst dross.

Zymogenes are the bacteria that help break-down and lead to the fermantation of organic matter, although xenoliths are not organic… so I claim poetic immunity.

NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 19 prompt: Use the English alphabet to shape a poem. Artificial and challenging. I cheated to make the final line sensible as best possible.

CLP 20/04/2019