Two Doves

Pure white at first light

Flicker in the grey, rise up

From emptied pasture


n.b. Where two Devon Red cows had been seen each morning, (until this Wednesday), usually scratching at the wire protecting the young tree, a pair of doves were sitting. I saw them alight their perch and fly up into the dawn. They reminded me of the last of the cattle that once grazed here at Thornfalcon.

CLP 13/09/2019

Blank Verse

I am tired

Words fail me

My brain fizzing

A blank screen

Seeking a signal

To no avail


CLP 11/09/2019

On the Ramp

Two Devon Reds

Hesitate at the trailer ramp

Roughly littered with straw.

They walked together from the field

Steaming backs

Exhaling clouds to the chilly dawn

After the heavy rain of night.

Have they realised

The pasture is behind them

A vet is waiting

The abattoir is open for business?


CLP 11/09/2019

On August XXI

Now gone with all else

Held in cloudy memories

Bottled and pickled


n.b. The serious work has begun to collect the fruit, vegetables and crops from the summer. What must be gathered from the orchard floor and stored for winter; what can be collected from the vine and pressed; what can be cut from the plant and eaten fresh, or kept dry; what can be picked from the over-burdened trees and turned to juice, or pickled, or made to jams and chutneys; what can be best preserved frozen?

The stoves burn, jars are sterilised, temperatures carefully monitored; steam and sweetness fill the home. Hair tied back, aprons on while the heat in the kitchen turns us pink and sticky too during these long satisfying hours before labelling bottles and still warm pots and cleaning up in the company of curious wasps and to the buzz of frustrated flies.


CLP 01/09/2019

On Sand

Running through our hands

Can you see each grain that passes?

Feel them? Taste the grit?


CLP 13/08/2019

In A Vacuum

You hear what you want

Without dissenting voices

Everything is true


n.b. If we only connect with those we agree with we learn nothing. How do we connect with those we stand opposite to in opinion and belief?


CLP 09/08/2019

All At Sea

Alarmed, startled awake

Essential items fumbled for

Grabbed, stashed and stowed at first light

Bleary drive to the port for the morning ferry

Relief at reaching the queue steadily being consumed by the ship’s jaws

A necessary pause at the UK Border Force barrier


“Sorry, sir, but this is not your passport.”


She had died

Five years past

Yet here she is

Handed back to me

Fixed face, impassive as required for the officious photograph

Eyes bright

With me still



In the Bus Queue

A one act play for three voices in 17 syllables.

Oh no! It’s raining!

Yes, after such a bright dawn.

Really? I slept in.


CLP 04/07/2019

On Misunderstanding

(A one act play for two voices in 17 syllables)

You misunderstand.

I am not missing the point

You are. I am not.

CLP 03/08/2019

In Storage

Everything is there

If possessed by possessions

Throw away the key


CLP 02/08/2019