At the Rutland Arms

They came from afar

Uncertain of what to say

Their loss, our future


n.b. We gathered to pay respects to one of our own, a fellow Pompey supporter to some, a close friend to a few. We did not know how to do this, but wanted to be together at this time, the first available home game.

We met at a pub close to Fratton Park and talked of Martin and touched philosophically on the inevitable.

After a few simple words in memory of this lovely man, we raised our glasses and expressed gratitude for having known him.

We then went to the game. It was 0-0.


CLP 12/10/2019

On Landing

Wind tears at metal wings

Rain lashes the fuselage

How soft the touch down


n.b. The descent was a dreadful experience; stomach churning, (the plane slewing along its flight path, dropping and jumping) . As the ground got nearer and the relative speed of the aircraft became sickeningly obvious, I tried to relax into my too small seat. Then the wheels made contact with the runway and everything rolled along smoothly thereafter.

Many things we fear are not as bad as the prospect. In retrospect I wish I could hold my fears lighter and not let them interfere with enjoying the moment.


CLP 09/10/2019

On Drinking

Did you know that there’s….

A problem with social drunks?

New bar, same story


n.b. Sadly, you may have recognised this phenomenon yourself; sorry if I am boring you. Drunks often seem to be caught in a place from their past and think drinking helps blot it out, but all it does is block out the present, while they replay the pain.


CLP 01/10/2019