On One

Is there any room

For one more on top? I ask

If not, I will walk


n.b. As a ten year old travelling to school I learned that the rush hour bus was often crowded, if not full. Walking on to the next stop, or even the one after next, meant that I had at least tried to change something for when the next bus came along.

It was usually raining.


CLP 13/11/2020

On Numbers -1

Some people always

one sandwich short of picnic

“LOL” is best response


n.b. “LOL” is graffitied in red nail varnish (I think) just under the right-hand stencilled slogan, (which comes across as a cry for help in some regards).

LOL = Laugh out loud.


CLP 05/11/2020

“What was it like?”

They will ask

When we are older

Where were you?

What did you do?

What was it like?


There will be some

Full of learning

Stories of neighbours

Of clapping and rainbows

Of nature; sunlight


There will be some

Who saw too much

Were party to this history

Brought low by loss and grief

Who choose not to speak


CLP 08/07/2020

Sonnet To A Long-distance Love Lost During Covid-19

Quick from Café Grancy to the old dance
Full moon and stars aligned the day we met!
Conversation became sweet, full-flown romance
Nights and days in hotels we shan’t forget
Ravenna, London, Sidmouth, Valetta
We sought each other out in all weather
Whether sun, or snow. Rain? All the better!
We talked, made love, dreamt and woke together
In this wild whirl, how would we imagine
What might weaken our constancy of thought;
That coronavirus would intervene,
When Switzerland loosened; UK still taut?
Slowly, whilst tens of thousands died,
We lost the trust on which our love survived.

n.b. “So what?” I hear you sigh, “get over yourselves!” Fair comment.

CLP 21/08/2020