on light

despite gloom and doom
Madame Soleil still with us
drawing us onward


CLP 06/01/2023

on time

completed circle
nostalgic stop on life line
forty years rattled by


n.b. Farringdon, you’ve changed, but I still love you. My first regular commuting destination on moving to London some years past.

CLP 15/10/2022

on stage

is not for money
it's about giving a show
out there, being heard


n.b. I think this band are a bit different. I greatly enjoyed their set at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton on 5th August 2022. Something of The Fall about them, or DC Fontaines, but different. You have been warned.

CLP 06/08/2022

on the river

take a walk with me
rising Thames and dappled shade
South Bank setting Sun


CLP 21/05/2022


you held my hand
in the crowd
I led you gently

we walked through Saturday
saw the city
opening like tulips

we shared our food
in Brick Lane

you slept
on the train
head on my shoulder

it felt like love
tasted like love
looked like love


CLP 24/04/2022

on light

Waterloo sunset
bounces off bus sat on red
city plays the blues


n.b. Something changed today. The truth is out; money might buy influence, or purchase trophies, but there is still right and wrong. Somebody finally turned the floodlights on Stamford Bridge.


CLP 10/03/2022

on the canal

drawn into city
sugar and cloth spun to gold
slavery's profits


n.b. It is all beginning to add up, connect, make sense. A country that thrived on dirty money can’t kick the habit. Banking, insurance, property, stocks and shares, exploitation of the workers, whether slaves or those trapped on minimum wages.

The rich get richer, the divide widens; the values of the market predominate, the price of every penny, the value of nothing; it’s always been profits before people; hence the willingness to accept the dodgy money from Russia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, to name a few places where Premier League football clubs have received financial backing – don’t even ask where estate agents, lawyers, and private schools get their cash.


CLP 04/03/2022

on light

night time but not dark
city subverts day's rhythym
body clocks changes


CLP 03/12/2021

on London

taxing the low paid
while laundering millions
tennis with BoJo


n.b. It’s wrong. London’s financial machinery is central to money laundering crime world-wide. See the Pandora Papers for more.

CLP 05/10/2021

on Switzerland iv

meet ten people
two work anti-corruption
mountains of money


n.b. Catherine Belton’s book “Putin’s People” mentions Switzerland (and London) frequently. She and the publishers are subject to a number of libel suits in London at present. We’ll see how that pans out.

CLP 27/09/2021