To My Father

I heard “I love you”

Spoken to me in a dream

I cried myself awake


n.b. How do we deal with loss? How do we learn to accept that there will be no more moments, nor conversations shared with one we loved?

CLP 01/02/2019

Sea Urchin

Diverse and varied

The echinoidea

Live long and prosper


With acknowledgements to Star Trek

n.b. Echinodermata have origins in the Cambrian era (542 – 488 million years ago). They are a life-form that has no known terrestrial, nor fresh water relatives. The sea urchin is a type of echinoidea, of which there are over 1,000 species. They are omniverous, able to eat plant, meat and into rock.

Despite some having lifespans of over 200 years, echinoidea are not thought to have had any significant negative influence on this planet’s climate systems. The global rise in sea-levels can only be good news for sea urchins and their relatives. See, it’s not all gloom out there.


CLP 27/12/2018