On Summer

the heavens opened

rain filled in every hollow

she’d spat out her heart


CLP 10/07/2021

Mindset #1

Choose from we or I

part of problem or answer

you that, me this, us


CLP 22/06/2021


on the water show us

this is where something has drowned

pretty as they are


CLP 03/07/2021

On Endings ii

scratched record scratched wreck

cord around the neck now is

time to nail the lid


CLP 05/07/2021

On Conversation

butterfly less wing

endless circularity

fatal conclusion


CLP 03/07/2021

On Endings

my words fail (again)

wish your kiss had sealed these lips

leaving me struck dumb


CLP 03/07/2021

On the Edge

solid, liquid, gas

permanence ethereal

shifting between states


CLP 01/07/2021


This heart beat repeats

unchanging, steady, rhythm

constant companion


CLP 30/06/2021

Ring Me

I begged, looking at the mark

on the third finger of my left hand

where there’s still an indented mark

that never tans quite so dark

as the rest of me

not since I took off that gold band

threw it in a drawer

three years ago, or was it four?


CLP 21/06/2021

Dream #22

Which bed is this? I wake unsure

no standard hotel shape to reassure

my musty head is somewhere secure

familiar start to a new day

with an unfamiliar face

who has just pulled close the door

behind her I hold a memory

of shapes and words recalled too late

that was not her name

she was kind enough

not to complain

we both had our reasons

not quite the same

as my dear friend once explained

everyone has their own

Love story


CLP 19/06/2021