On the Floor

At last, the last dance

Fumbled requests, mute replies

Music slow, hearts frantic


n.b. Remember the youth club, or school disco? Nightmare scenario. Boys on one side of the hall, girls dancing around handbags. Then, with just a few minutes before the lights would go up, the DJ would put on something like “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues and the excitement or embarrassment of asking for a dance, being asked to dance and possibly having a slow dance would begin, leaving the wallflowers and perpetually tongue-tied watching on in a confusion of emotions ranging from relief to frustration.

CLP 17/03/2019

On Pelsall Common

Carnival venue

Happy family outings

Place where some lives end



n.b. This land is a beautiful piece of ancient turf that is owned in common by the people of the area. Bordered by roads now, there are long established paths across it, including this elegant avenue. The Pelsall carnival sets out from the common each year.

On my walk to work this morning I saw three trees marked by memorials to lost lives and a further placement of flowers near some bushes. One card I saw read”…my darling husband, you meant everything to me.”

Everyone has a story, but some personal stories seem to have reached a lonely conclusion at this place.

Sometimes the world can seem like a cavernous void, but it can be helpful to talk to someone, even an unknown person on the other end of a phone call.

The Samaritans in the United Kingdom is a good starting point https://www.samaritans.org if you are losing perspective on life. There are similar organisations in other countries.

Peace and love to you sisters and brothers, peace and love.

CLP 26/02/2019


“Will you marry me?”

He asked and she replied

What mean you by this?”


n.b. A simple proposal, at the sound of it, but is the real meaning of the question clear? What motives underlie the request for a hand in marriage? Is the wording a phrase designed to obscure and confuse, or crystal clear and hence the associated diamond ring?

CLP 25/02/2019


Washed by Spring shower

Dried in gentle breeze and Sun

Refreshed Earth awakes


CLP 19/02/2019


Boil up the liquid

To remove impurities

Is everything clear?


CLP 18/02/2019

On Love

Hollow-hearted bent

Careless of Wind’s whispering

Alive to Sun’s touch


CLP 08/01/2019

Sea Urchin

Diverse and varied

The echinoidea

Live long and prosper


With acknowledgements to Star Trek

n.b. Echinodermata have origins in the Cambrian era (542 – 488 million years ago). They are a life-form that has no known terrestrial, nor fresh water relatives. The sea urchin is a type of echinoidea, of which there are over 1,000 species. They are omniverous, able to eat plant, meat and into rock.

Despite some having lifespans of over 200 years, echinoidea are not thought to have had any significant negative influence on this planet’s climate systems. The global rise in sea-levels can only be good news for sea urchins and their relatives. See, it’s not all gloom out there.


CLP 27/12/2018

On Winter II

Frost tightens its grip

Our path becomes uncertain

Ice in every word


CLP 09.12.2018

On November

Sombre trees stand bare

Paths buried by scorned leaves

Lost travellers weep


CLP 10/11/2018