On Ending

Suddenly, mid-word

the ink ran out and just left

a faint impression


n.b. My pen, a gift from a friend who acquires them from the Lausanne Palace, dried up. Just when I was thinking of something else.


CLP 06/10/2020

On Pleasure

In a second hand book,

bought on a whim,

I discovered someone

had kept a four-leaf clover

between pages

of Seamus Heaney’s poems.


CLP 04/09/2020

Sonnet To A Long-distance Love Lost During Covid-19

Quick from Café Grancy to the old dance
Full moon and stars aligned the day we met!
Conversation became sweet, full-flown romance
Nights and days in hotels we shan’t forget
Ravenna, London, Sidmouth, Valetta
We sought each other out in all weather
Whether sun, or snow. Rain? All the better!
We talked, made love, dreamt and woke together
In this wild whirl, how would we imagine
What might weaken our constancy of thought;
That coronavirus would intervene,
When Switzerland loosened; UK still taut?
Slowly, whilst tens of thousands died,
We lost the trust on which our love survived.

n.b. “So what?” I hear you sigh, “get over yourselves!” Fair comment.

CLP 21/08/2020

On the Road XI

Furlongs, rods and chains

On carefully measured paths

We trust all links hold


CLP 04/08/2020

On the Road IX

Motorway story

Spun in tyre track spaghetti

No sign of the sauce


n.b. Yesterday I passed an emergency crew of police, crash tender and paramedics attending to a serious collision on the far carriageway. Someone was being lifted onto a bodyboard.

Several vehicles had been involved.

This evening as I returned on that side of the M25, there were just the rubber marks on the road surface recording the moments of the pile up.

How quickly life moves on.


CLP 01/08/2020



How did they fall

From the hands of the dealer

Did you get what you want

Were you lucky or not?


Is this just a game

Some trivial pursuit

That fills up the time

Because that’s all you’ve got?


Take it or leave it

Just harmless fun

Do you really not care

If you lost or won?


Did you join in the game

Believing all take this lightly

Thinking it a fresh unsealed pack

Then find yours have been marked?


Do you keep paying in 

With the deck stacked against you

Still piling up debt

To your craning neck?


Did you win or lose

A few expendable pennies

Or was it the house

Your last threadbare shirt?


Did you sit down ready

Cards up your sleeve

Wait for the moment

To play your subtle trick?


Did you come clean

Lay them out on the baize

In the harsh light

All eyes on the table?


Were you confident

You had the best hand

But were shocked and surprised

To find yourself trumped?


Do these just depict

Long held childish dreams

While a king and a queen

Still hold all the aces?


Did you come here to find

What has been fated

Seeking hopeful signs

Better future awaited?


How did they fall

From the hands of the dealer

Did you get what you want

Were you lucky or not?


CLP 01/08/2020