on time

traffic accident
engine off, birdsong, fresh air
good to be alive


CLP 18/07/2022

on luck

ten bob in two pees
pink panda from slot machine
taint of copper coins


n.b. You probably think that this little story deserves a footnote (and you’re probably correct), but it’s 22c, after midnight and I’m playing late night summer blues, so you’ll have to write your own this time, sorry. However, who knew one could have such fun in Great Yarmouth on a Friday night in June?

CLP 18/06/2022

the nine

caught in bed
by the mechanism
in that moment

we watch, wait, adapt
to your painful progress
we learn
to live with

we wish you well
but must press on
with the demands
of our digital world


CLP 21/09/2021

On Ending

Suddenly, mid-word

the ink ran out and just left

a faint impression


n.b. My pen, a gift from a friend who acquires them from the Lausanne Palace, dried up. Just when I was thinking of something else.


CLP 06/10/2020

On Pleasure

In a second hand book,

bought on a whim,

I discovered someone

had kept a four-leaf clover

between pages

of Seamus Heaney’s poems.


CLP 04/09/2020

On the Road XI

Furlongs, rods and chains

On carefully measured paths

We trust all links hold


CLP 04/08/2020

On the Road IX

Motorway story

Spun in tyre track spaghetti

No sign of the sauce


n.b. Yesterday I passed an emergency crew of police, crash tender and paramedics attending to a serious collision on the far carriageway. Someone was being lifted onto a bodyboard.

Several vehicles had been involved.

This evening as I returned on that side of the M25, there were just the rubber marks on the road surface recording the moments of the pile up.

How quickly life moves on.


CLP 01/08/2020