on light

drawn down from the stars
character, prediction, sense
magic of the spheres


CLP 21/10/2022

on evening

dusk draws up magic
Strawberry Moon, dragonflies
our path less certain


CLP 16/06/2022

Absent Witch Constant Spell

within and without
about and above
on water in air
held by limbs of dark woods
spun out in high clouds
in setting sun and rising stars
broken moon on the lake
dancing through Alpine mist
sunk in thermal pools
strung out by pylons
with their infinite lines
caught in corners of rooms
by fine webs I'll be bound
while her butterfly wings no more can be found


n.b. Yes, it’s April again tomorrow and using prompts from those beautiful people at NaPoWriMo, welcome to the write a poem a day global challenge.

We have kicked off with an Emily Dickinson based prompt:

“The absence of the witch does not / Invalidate the spell”

n.n.b. Witches and their spells may be good or may be bad, but there’s always magic.

CLP 31/03/2022


Look outside  x x
the text message instructed
Heavens! An angel 


n.b. Do you ever think you are living in a dream? She kissed me, but I am still not sure if this actually happened. I couldn’t have made it up, could I?


CLP 05/11/2021

L3 (Day 67): Nowhere Lane

Which sorceress named

this Norfolk track? It’s right here,

in Great Witchingham.


n.b. …or is it?

It was a long cycle ride today. Perhaps I was hallucinating so desperate was I for a cuppa at Reepham & Whitwell Junction (take away only) café.


On Memory ii

We at tower top

blue mist lines of distant hills

Il duomo bells


CLP 05/01/2021

On Losing (26)

It’s impossible

to recreate the magic

it can’t be the same


n.b. Why? Because it’s magic, silly!


CLP 02/01/2020


Lines cross, shapes submerge

Indistinct distinctions now

Occur as dusk blurs


CLP 24/07/2020

Rhyme or Reason

All this washing!

All colours faded

Magic thinned

Sweet spells spun out

Dark potions dried

All wrung tight

Hung out in rain

Concoctions separate

Mystery now plain

All once known

Must be re-found again


www.napowrimo.net day 3 rhyme…random words…sense from chaos.

CLP 03/04/2020

The Witch

A pronounced bow wave

Presages her imminent arrival

Her keel knifes the dark waters

Peels twin curls off the surface


She draws down the light of stars

Calls the wind to her direction

Tides pause on her command

Squalls and storms follow


Treading water as she passes

We can only witness this spirit

That lifts like incoming waves

Leaves us awash in her wake


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2019: Day 13 prompt, witch

I was asked, “Is this poem about a boat, or a person?” You decide.

CLP 13/04/2019