on time

we would jump on board
be in Paris in three hours
just catch memories


n.b. Time was when the passing Eurostar was a symbol of freedom, opportunity and hope. Now it is simply a relic of days when Europe was a place we shared with our Continental cousins, a symbol of loss.

CLP 30/1/2021

on morning

too soon in my view
night slipped off without asking
stealing dreams of you


CLP 07/11/2021


Look outside  x x
the text message instructed
Heavens! An angel 


n.b. Do you ever think you are living in a dream? She kissed me, but I am still not sure if this actually happened. I couldn’t have made it up, could I?


CLP 05/11/2021


We don’t need to know why he had found himself standing on the bridge, other than it was something about his not being able to understand what she could not articulate.

He didn’t stand there longer than it took to think of his children, the paramedics who would have to pronounce him dead and whoever it might be that witnessed his last moments. He walked on towards the market wiping away tears with the heel of his palm.

He’d heard of an English language bookshop on the west side of the city and hoped he might find something to hold his interest there. Perhaps a novella, or collection of short stories from somewhere else, somewhere more engaging than a Victorian seaside town with less than half a pier.


CLP 28/10/2021


how many tides have turned
shifted and smoothed
sifted and sorted
the pebbles so
today the sea would give up this stone
so you might gift it me
precious as any stone
I have ever held


CLP 13/09/2021


toes freed, feet tickled
by low-tide's sandy ribs
every single little breaking wave
a charge
fired through shocked ankle bones
sparking skin, heart, eyes
whipping North Sea air from my lungs
More waves! More waves! More waves!
more Yesterdays


CLP 09/09/2021


Aegean blue
or is it green
clear to the seabed
shadow so sharp
it cut me out
cast me in stone
anchored me
and here I am still
waiting for you
to dive in too


CLP 29/08/2021

L-plates iii

i will not forget
to keep checking the mirrors
overtaking past


CLP 23/08/2021

On Charge

once in step hands brush 
blushed apologies exchanged
electrified skin


CLP 22/08/2021


stop right there

you just rode in again

out of nowhere

trampled my fragile bones to powder

rode out again

our memory a curse


CLP 15/08/2021