on time

nothing to see here
it's everywhere else you look
glass house, stones to hand


n.b. Seems like these days, everyone carries a pocketful of stones, just in case, but that’s Social Media for you.

CLP 19/01/2023

on history

all dreams dissolved, fear took grip
each day feels endless


n.b. Faith in The Great Healer crumbles, as Time slows and every single second chews up and spits out another a piece of the soul, in slow motion.

Ever done something you wish you had not?

CLP 17/01/2023

on time

different but the same
morning light yet to arrive
ready to depart


CLP 15/01/2023

on time

return anywhere
never quite what it had been
if memory's true


n.b. We rely on our versions of events, people, places to negotiate each day.

Confusion comes with fading memory. Understanding comes with wisdom. Truth is defined by the storytellers.

CLP 26/12/2022

on Ukraine

Russia's Christmas plans
gifts of death, destruction, grief
we cannot forget


n.b. Ukraine’s Christmas festivities start from 7th January. Russian attacks on Kherson and Bakhmut are designed to spread the word that the terror continues, so our slow news holidays are filled with gloom.

CLP 24/12/2022

on country houses

next time you visit
ask where from the money stems
plantations, mines, mills


n.b. Wow! Look at that beautiful house! Wonderful gardens and lakes. Magnificent gates! The estate wall runs for miles. Wonderful paintings. 1642-1660 the English Revolution that utterly failed and we’re still paying for that failure.

CLP 19/12/2022

on ice

I fell through, aged five
chest deep, my sister in too
buried memories


n.b. Sadness as old as winter itself, children falling through ice while playing, excited by the magic ice promises.

I cannot imagine the inconsolable grief the parents must be experiencing.

CLP 14/12/2022

on Iran

four thousand life years
imprisonment for protests
woman, life, freedom


n.b. The tyranny under the theocracy tightens. 400 protestors x 10 years each for daring to question the validity of Iran’s legislature.

Executions are also being carried out.

CLP 13/12/2022

on time

callers would call by
she wanted no ties
a younger man would love her
then think she was his

you can call by, she'd say
whenever you want
but I only have callers
no one owns me

then she met him
with his travelling guitar
his once fair long hair
had long since gone grey

the twinkle he carried
in his guitar case
attracted young women
no strings attached

the two of them met
she said something clicked
she, a bar woman
he, guitar man

callers went packing
young women sent back
these two had four years
before slowly he died

four years of true loving
was what they had
the love of her life
she was grateful for that


n.b. Everyone has a story. I heard this one recently. Deeply moved by it, I was.

CLP 01/12/2022

on time

you, obviously
in such a rush to undress
I found a button


CLP 30/11/2022