on light

night time but not dark
city subverts day's rhythym
body clocks changes


CLP 03/12/2021

on time

polite conventions
our coping mechanisms
merely scaffolding


n.b. What has form, seems solid, does the job for now, is nothing without foundations. Nuts and bolts rust, we need cement to build tomorrows.

CLP 28/11/2021

on waking

another morning
not enough hours to enjoy
all I've been blessed with


n.b. Starting with a heartbeat.

In fond memory of Moira.

CLP 27/11/2021

on low

drained to point of exhaustion
get back on the bike


n.b. Or the horse, if that‘s your thing.

CLP 25/11/2021

on Reception

copier repair
man career change to motel
no two days the same


n.b. Stopped for a very late night keep-myself-awake-on-the-drive-home cup of tea at a motel in The Fens, heard a life story from boy soldier to village brass band. Classic! Nice one Dale.

on freedom

options unbounded
simple needs confused by choice
chaos surrounds us


n.b. Some needs can be met by local services we just want to work properly, (e.g. schools, hospitals, trains, water supply, power supplies), other needs are more of a challenge.

We are all different from tip to toe and one size can’t fit all and in England the weather adds an additional layer of complexity it has been remarked.


CLP 21/11/2021

on payday

all those hours used up
while outside weather happens
meaningless tokens

n.b. Herzberg was right, hygiene factors, such as the work environment and pay, are nothing more than satisficers. I look at my salary statement and think, I am giving up living for this, just so I can afford to live?


CLP 20/11/2021


cogs and wheels spinning
birdsong, silence of kestrel
not thinking for now


n.b. Thank you SO for planning the route this morning. I put my gears into motion, put my mind into neutral. Phew!

CLP 13/11/2021

on mist

clouding boundaries
unsettling settling of doubts
softening edges


CLP 11/11/2021

on colour

under the rainbow
life exists in bands of grey
nothing black and white


CLP 05/11/2021