on time

as things go, they went
not quite as fast as once feared, but
slow as waning Moon


CLP 14/01/2023

on time

what is in your hand?
let the cards fall where they may
Stick or Twist? You choose


n.b. Loneliness becomes an illness. Be with people. Turn up, turn up again, keep turning up.

CLP 13/01/2023

on time

uncork wine bottle
myths and legends of ageing


CLP 12/01/2023

on pain

constant ache, dull pulse
somewhere deep inside, like rain
broken connection


CLP 11/01/2023

on life

wind pushes at door
whistles its unhappiness
straw, wood, or brick built?


n.b. Humanity versus Nature, the constant struggle.

CLP 10/01/2023

on Ukraine

how was the ceasefire?
Christian of you to offer
last seven words of...


n.b. Can you hear Ukrainians’ pleas for more help over the Royal Family book launch publicity? Do not forsake them. Moscow knows what it’s doing only too well.

CLP 09/01/2023

on time

what hour can this be?
moonlit apple orchard limbs
rookery's dawn croaks


n.b. The mechanical measure of time slips into insignificance when daylight is secondary to moonlight. The corvids, atop the high trees, will let you know when it’s time to move.

CLP 08/01/2022

on time

Saturday again
always the same, but different
FA Cup weekend


n.b. You know what I’m talking about? It’s a special day to start off the new year.

Festivities behind us, time to get serious.

CLP 07/01/2023

on light

despite gloom and doom
Madame Soleil still with us
drawing us onward


CLP 06/01/2023


a grey shadow
spirited out of dusk
the figure of a woman
unfamiliar to me

I waved to no avail
she stood
neither coming nor going
unresponsive to my gesture

I returned to my work
cutting back two years growth
the hedge barely recognisable
edges blurred

I looked again
was she coming or going?
the sad shape of her
still, there

light decaying
as memory fades
I turned a third time
she'd disappeared


CLP 05/01/2023