On Relaxation

Important routines

Maintain balance, status quo

Hair down? Just cut it


n.b. We hold ourselves tight in patterns and programmes, duties and responsibilities. These may be chosen voluntarily, imposed by the life-stage we are in, or consequences of decisions and actions taken many years previously. The challenge is how to get a break from unnecessary obligations, or the expectations imposed on us by others, so that a more open, healthier and happier life can be explored.

The first step must be to relax and free the mind. Sunshine and a bit of personal space, let yourself float free; see what bubbles up. Take things from there.


CLP 12/01/2020

Nothing Matters (VI)

Sit quietly, breathe

Twenty minutes clears the mind

Let distractions pass


n.b. Meditation is where nothing matters. Let thoughts drift away. I have found making time to do, say and think of nothing, nothing but calming and energising.


Please find an expert to explain more about meditation – I am merely a beginner.


CLP 17/12/2019


Throw back your head

Release that choking





Let it rip the last leaves from poplars

Slap around the lake

Cut through the Arctic wind

Smack into the mountains

Crack countless shards from glaciers

Tear open the glowering sky

And let sunshine in


CLP 08/12/2019

On Reflection II

Without visible

Paths out of the darkest forest

Listen for the stream


CLP  15/12/2018