on time

oh, your majesty
it's been a while since you passed
I was in a Wimpey


n.b. Colmore Row, Birmingham, 1980/81 if I’m not mistaken, finishing a Quarter Pounder with cheese, waiting for the cavalcade to go by.

You waved, I didn’t. Rude of me perhaps, but I was eating.

CLP 11/06/2022

on time

neat as it may be
functional as it remains
quaint anomaly


n.b. A lift bridge and its elegant mechanism that allows canal traffic to progress through Huddersfield.

Built and proudly marked ‘1865’, could this fancy machinery be a metaphor for monarchy?

CLP 04/06/2022

On HM the Queen

What language is used

To reinforce the old ways

I’m not “My people”


n.b. A monarchy and the unelected House of Lords? How quaint? How backward.

CLP 14/01/2020