on time

cocooned from us all
a cosseted existence
passes unquestioned


n.b. Time to move on sisters and brothers. Time to move on.

CLP 19/09/2022

on time

woman pulls on rope
each fourth second of this hour
toll echoes through gorge
that night, drunks in street
try out new anthem for size
irreverent laughs


n.b. Since the collapse of the English Revolution in 1660, the wealthiest landowners have firmly stuck together to ensure they get to choose the head of state. There is no likelihood of another civil war, (literally or figuratively), between competing groups of landowners in the UK ever again.

Scottish, Dutch and German aristocrats have been drafted into the post since 1603 when the Welsh Tudor family, (who seized power with the help of French allies in 1485) ran out of offspring.

Therefore, it could be argued that the late queen’s greatest achievement was to have four children, who have had children of their own, thereby ensuring very little will change in how the UK is run and by whom for a few generations yet.

The people of the UK get to vote for the servants of the crown, but the monarchy, (this iteration descended from an obscure Hanoverian protestant family of aristocrats invited to take on the throne in 1714), keeps the jewellery and ensures that the keys to much needed change remain at arm’s length.

n.n.b. The gorge referred to above is the Ironbridge gorge, one day likely to be identified as the original source of human-driven climate disruption.

n.n.n.b. The new anthem contains the unfamiliar line “God save the king.”

p.s. The people of Ukraine continue fighting for their lives. Day 199.

CLP 10/09/2022

on time

bunting still in place
remnants of past majesty
for whom the bell tolls


n.b. This seamless transition on death of the incumbent prevents a slip between cup and lip. No risk of reflection, consideration, or review of the nature of monarchy.

Nothing personal, but maybe we could discuss some kind of democratic change and a little bit of wealth redistribution generally.

CLP 08/09/2022

on time

heavily moated
Norman Conquest castle site
monarchic stasis


n.b. Some argue that England has never recovered from this military land-grab and its top-down government. There was nothing civilising about the Roman dictatorship, nor the Norman invasion. Our revolution of 1642 – 1660 ultimately failed.

Look at us! We still have unelected Lords involved in setting legislation and a head of state who inherits the job. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you?

CLP 29/08/2022

on time

oh, your majesty
it's been a while since you passed
I was in a Wimpey


n.b. Colmore Row, Birmingham, 1980/81 if I’m not mistaken, finishing a Quarter Pounder with cheese, waiting for the cavalcade to go by.

You waved, I didn’t. Rude of me perhaps, but I was eating.

CLP 11/06/2022

on time

neat as it may be
functional as it remains
quaint anomaly


n.b. A lift bridge and its elegant mechanism that allows canal traffic to progress through Huddersfield.

Built and proudly marked ‘1865’, could this fancy machinery be a metaphor for monarchy?

CLP 04/06/2022

On HM the Queen

What language is used

To reinforce the old ways

I’m not “My people”


n.b. A monarchy and the unelected House of Lords? How quaint? How backward.

CLP 14/01/2020