on Ukraine

it had to happen
somebody counting dollars
questioning the cost


n.b. When the pile of green bits of paper gets so high, Capitol Hill echoes to the sounds of accountants at war, clashes more likely to end a conflict than any body count.

Should the pain, suffering and loss of life be agreed to be a profitable venture, then you can bet your last cent that support for Ukraine will be sustained.

This is evidenced by the domestic gun industry’s success in keeping in business, despite the horrific, daily loss of lives across the USA from the saturation of the domestic small arms market, or the continued existence of the cancer stick manufacturers.

CLP 01/03/2023

on Ukraine

long-term investment
everyone wants a pie slice
who's brokering peace?


n.b. I notice that the UK economy is the only large richer nation forecast to be in economic decline in 2023, despite Johnson acting as arms salesman par excellence. The arms industry is doing very well, so the rest of the UK economy must be in a hell of a slump.

CLP 31/01/2023

on cash

I'll buy you a meal
but I won't just give money
you said you're hungry


n.b. Talk me through that again. Hungry means ‘food’ right?

A young man, in a desperate condition, scarred, nervous, tired and dirty asked for a dollar for food. I said I’d get him some food, (we were stood outside a hamburger joint). I checked what he fancied, but when I came out there was no sign of him.

A middle-aged woman leaning on a walking cane, asked me for help getting some food. I explained the situation and she was grateful for the meal and drink I had carried out for the boy, who called himself William.

CLP 26/09/2022

on money

after the ball game
guitar case for donations
musicians on tour
after the music
man tells story of hunger
daily occurrence


n.b. Money is a big issue. A replica team baseball shirt on sale for $345 in the Team Store; on the street a guy needs $15 to eat.

The team motif is the cherry blossoms of spring, obvious to the passing motorist. Under the shade of trees, homeless men and women shelter, passing motorists oblivious.

Don’t think I don’t know this isn’t just a USA situation, I come from the UK.

CLP 18/09/2022

on time

money, muscle, spades, shovels
passing fantasy


n.b. The network of canals linking England’s industrial towns are a testament to human endeavour. The time, capital and effort required to engineer them is staggering to contemplate.

The experience of the navigators in constructing these soon redundant waterways, was more efficiently deployed in building the infinitely more complex railway system.

Travelling along these sinuous navigations, even for a few days, cannot fail to provoke wonder at the folly of mankind, prepared as he is to reshape nature herself in pursuit of commercial gain; a path that is inexorably still followed today.


CLP 03/06/2022

on time / on Ukraine xxi

cash our currency
while you pay in cold blood
too little too late?


n.b. We do what we can, but this is the only way we know how. Is it enough?

CLP 27/03/2022

on time

hours spent at a desk
because the balance between
pay and life is wrong


CLP 25/12/2021

on payday

all those hours used up
while outside weather happens
meaningless tokens

n.b. Herzberg was right, hygiene factors, such as the work environment and pay, are nothing more than satisficers. I look at my salary statement and think, I am giving up living for this, just so I can afford to live?


CLP 20/11/2021

on London

taxing the low paid
while laundering millions
tennis with BoJo


n.b. It’s wrong. London’s financial machinery is central to money laundering crime world-wide. See the Pandora Papers for more.

CLP 05/10/2021

on Switzerland vi

constant spinning web
silk threads entangle us all
we await spider


n.b. Mountains shown are in France…national borders are just lines on maps after all, or mountains, or rivers, or wastelands, or shores.

CLP 28/09/2021