on light

I rose to meet her
she winked at me through thin trees
lost her by sunrise


n.b. The full, silver moon led me across town before slipping away – a merry, chilly dance!

CLP 18/01/2022


startling trilling song
a pair of wrens exchanging rapidly delivered melodies
the first on buddleja behind the old brick wall
filling the levelled yard with song
opposite the old wharf-side warehouses
its opposite sat bowing the tip of the lone fir
calling up the Sun from behind the wood
clumped along the ridge
where tonight the calls of owls will conjure up the Moon


CLP 23/12/2021

on birdsong

frost feathers windscreens
sharp lunarian light
blackbird's confusion


n.b. City living can be exhausting, not least when an excess of light blurs night with day. Birdsong can be heard at all hours, under a clear sky when a full moon rises.


CLP 22/12/2021

on light

cloth of silver mist
obscures harsh reality
dust-choked, lifeless, stone


CLP 16/12/2021

on the Moon

drowned in street lighting
giving up her fight with man
another day gone


n.b. The waning crescent slips barely noticed below the horizon. Here just visible above the retail park roof, just to the right of the lamp.

CLP 08/11/2021

on the edge of town

fearful of darkness
blinded to lunar beauty
we stumble through night


CLP 26/10/2021


whatever happened
that separated we two
no longer matters


n.b. The Moon and Earth forever tied, always apart.

CLP 21/10/2021

no Moon

this is when I feel it most
the air thick with mist
desiccated leaves
scratching at paving slabs

fine webs strung between damp blades
covering verges except where disturbed
by fungi pushing through to pour out spores by the million

tonight there is no lunar distraction just railway siding lights,
street lights, traffic lights, headlights, crossing lights
red lights topping off a crane
a ceiling light in an uncurtained room
each corner bared without shame

above all this electric illumination
beyond the mist, night's black chasm
with Jupiter and its satellites bright
the redness of Mars distinct
even to my tired eyes

I'm nearly home, it's midnight
a digital sign tells me +17c
all I need to know
is when you'll next see me


CLP 09/10/2021


we diverted into a field gateway
parked up, got out to watch
the rising Harvest Moon
create silhouettes of Scotch Pines
mist from the marsh crept up
embraced us in its chill

I heard one.
she whispered
just loud enough
to give me goosebumps


CLP 24/09/2021

on dusk

Sun barely abed
when with a gleam in his eyes
fat orange Moon wakes

n.b. Jupiter and her offspring were on their way home too. A busy hour or so around the horizon as the autumn equinox hoves into view.

CLP 22/09/2021