Under A Cloud

Naked – trees surround

Silky, plump pillows shade us

Moon pours out cold heart


CLP 09/01/2020

On the Moon

Moon reflection on water trough; reflection of reflection.

On the Moon

Light from the Sun falls

Then reflects on Earth, on us

We share this magic


n.b. Where ever we are, whoever we are, we share the same Moonlight, the same Sun – we are in this together.


CLP 07/01/2020

Sickle Moon

It glinted against the cool blue of Sun’s last light

A slender curve, quite razor sharp

The fine inside edge glinted in the night

That rose from the mist of black fenland soil

It had all the beauty of the assassin’s blade

Come to slit the throat and let in chill air

To let all blood drain as from a goat

I shivered, surprised at its first quick slice

My heartstrings severed by the cut

It was so swift I felt no pain

Except at the truth

We’d not meet again.


CLP 26/12/2019


When I look up

After the orange half-moon has crept behind the oaks

I see the un-imaginal number of stars

Come to light

And am overawed

Every time


Every time


Every time


If every star

Carries a wish

A prayer

A question

It just shows

How little we know


CLP 06/12/2019

Moon Slip

Wearing little but a smile

She slides off stage early this evening

Generously leaving us

The uncountable cosmic array

With all the stars of the distant past

And contemporary bright young things

But this hurried exit is not what it seems

The night threatens crystal clear cold

And she doesn’t like bitter

So she pursues Mercury and Venus

Who promise to show her a good time

Whilst we wrap up in the deep blue

Observing the space she has deserted


CLP 29/11/2019

On August VII

Late the Moon claims night

Planets trace her way through stars

Grass cut by stark shadows


n.b. I excuse my additional syllable in this attempt to capture the vision of last night’s lunar brightness and the sharpest, darkest shadows thrown onto the silvered late summer grasses in the meadow. A remarkable, naturally well-lit night.


CLP 19/08/2019

On Moonshine


Silver-plate rock floats

Over misty horizon

All deceived by light


CLP  16/11/2018


Rocked by the moon

Gentle rhythms of the sea

Soothe the restless Earth.


CLP 30/10/2018