L3: (Day 52) Under the Moon

Brightest of night’s lights!

As this dusty disc bowls past

who polishes your heart?


CLP 27/02/2021

Back to School

Who was the teacher? Who the pupil?

It had been longer than I dared remember

I sensed I had forgotten everything

I feared I was unable

Out of my depth

Unqualified to be on such a course

But I was frightfully excited to be with my new best friend

You were saying…

No, after you… 

with all the nervous good manners that stilt conversation.


Eventually we dropped the small talk and began the serious business of studying

each other’s flickering eyelids, parting lips, breaths

the tones of moans and involuntary movements

the wildly unfocused looks

and deep-rooted smiles

for all those hours in that badly lit hotel room,

that was greatly improved by the beam of the full moon

cast on our discarded clothes.


CLP  28th August, 2020

Moon Shadow

East wind carries ice

Knifing through silvered streets

Silhouettes on paths


CLP 18/11/2018

The Metropolitan Police is working with all citizens to end incidents of knife crime: