Wick’s End

We lit the candle together
Holding the splint, hand over hand
Flame flared, formed, flickered
Came to life

We laughed and blew out the taper
Followed its dissipating smoke into the dark
Turned our eyes to the fresh wax light
To sprites dancing on the walls

Laid enrapt until drowsy
In warmth formed bonds
Of breath and limbs
We fell to sleep sapped of strength

Frost crept across the pane
A spider spun its web
Hours slid together
As we un-knowing lolled apart

I awoke to shivering air
The unclosed door
Branches silhouetted against the sky
Shrivelled candle cold


Christopher Perry

3rd May, 2020

Apricot, Firenze

Warmed by day breaking

In through the shutters

Light fur of the skin

Curve of the fruit

Sweet flesh

Crushed in your hand

Drips, splashes, runs

Onto your belly

Down to your thighs

You smile, close your eyes

Push me lower


n.b. http://www.napowrimo.net Day 24 prompt: Fruit.


Christopher Perry

24th April, 2020

Day 11

Awoken at 04:30 hrs. First dim light of the new day.

A stag bellows from the wood on the hill.

Tree branches, unsteady in the stiffening northerly wind, emit a low, irregular moan.

Behind this lies the slow-motion rush of heavy waves breaking hard on the shingle. Then the long draw as the sea inhales before the next swell rolls in.

I am lulled back to sleep

CLP 28/03/2020

Wow!! Really?

Blamm!! Sun smashes in

Curtains warm, eyes squint, smiles

Windows need cleaning


n.b. A morning to enjoy the light and warmth of sun on skin. The windows will look fine at bedtime.

n.n.b. How to suck joy from the day…just did my morning push ups and noticed the carpet needs cleaning too.


CLP 26/02/2020

Milton Park

Yellow and purple crocuses

Shiver in the humid wind

Fierce rattle of branches above

Dogs trot and squat

Their owners bowing down

In homage

Gathering up the shit


n.b. You have to hand it to dog-owners, they really love those animals. Thank you for cleaning up as they go.


CLP 15/02/2020