on Ukraine

innocents murdered
becomes standard war practise
death of innocence


n.b. Has the war now reached Moscow, from whence it came?

CLP 31/05/2023

on Moscow

allegations thrown
child killer fears for his life
threatens more killings


n.b. Moscow is run by a mass murderer, who throws a squinny when he claims, without independent verification, that drones were sent to Russia assassinate him. No comment about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost as a result of his orders. No words can describe the contempt this man generates.

CLP 03/05/2023

On Moscow

Spiders eating each other in a jar

I saw one, a Pholcus phalandgioides
the Daddy Long Legs spider
Eat a Crane Fly, THE Daddy Long Legs

It was a warm autumn evening.
Fluttering, where wall met ceiling, caught my ear

The spider's small round body, an impossibly small pea-sized pea size
determinedly consuming its larger prey

The crane fly's slow-motion crumpling
joint by joint, papery wing by papery wing

flutter, flutte, flutt, flut, flu, fl, f
Then gone

It took a while.
To be honest, I was shocked.
Still am.

Spiders eating each other in a jar.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023 continues, but the Earth spins on. I was interested to read of an incident in Moscow, a pro-war blogger assassinated.

The spiders reference came from a comment by Mykhailo Podolyak, an official in Kyiv, when asked for his thoughts on the restaurant bomb. Even in war, poetry.

CLP 03/04/2023

on Ukraine

witness destruction
meted out by Earth's shaking
you men are feeble


n.b. The instantaneous chaos of an earthquake takes seconds to kill thousands, Russia determined to replicate Nature’s awesome strength in suffocating slow-motion. What does Moscow gain from the slaughter?

CLP 06/02/2023

on Ukraine

man angry after
the great humilation
no one must mock him


n.b. It was his, then he lost it, so he smashes it. No one can enjoy Kherson, if he cannot. Man, or toddler?

Moscow, you are proud to be led by such a creature?

CLP 29/11/2022

on Ukraine

somewhere someone sits
game controller at ready
distant drones despatched


n.b. Hey, Moscow! Why sacrifice the blood of your sons when you can just murder people in their beds in Kyiv remotely?

How low can a human being go?

CLP 17/10/2022