On Water xxxix

awe inspiring thought

oceans deeper than mountains

well over my head


CLP 16/05/2021

L3(Day 70): Underground

While we stumble around up here, the moles are busy churning through the soil, turning up the earth into little mounds of fine tilth as they go about their usual business.

Meanwhile I try to remember what usual business might mean; try to maintain a balanced perspective; try not to create insurmountable mountains from the everyday ordinary.


CLP 17/03/2021

Lyon (I)

Confluence of Rhône and Saône
Spreads flat out beneath the basilica
Alps far beyond, pinked by evening
Whilst here it is still autumn afternoon
Those distant peaks stand tall
Even against the glass and concrete
That puncture the city’s sky
No trick of the glass
Majestic mountains wall the east
Their massive scale weighs heavy against man’s feeble feats
CLP 21/11/2019