On Autumn VI

Butterfly, wings torn

Batted by splatter of rain

Spirals down with leaves.


CLP 11/11/2018

On Autumn V

How bright dragonfly

Life sparkles in late summer

Passes too quickly


CLP 11/11/2018

First Light (i)

In the end of night

Sun leathered magnolia leaves

Resound to beats of rain

Set grass blades to shivery dance

Cracked soil swells, fills, closes quenched

Droplets pool in hollows

Shimmering sheets cover all

Border foliage floats

On the rising flood.



Souls from the very depths

Swollen, pale pink, choked

Join the engorged slugs




Blackbirds wake

Throw yellow beaks open

To herald the dawn


CLP  01/11/2018

On Autumn IV

Beneath icy blue

Kaleidoscope turns to red

Forewarns of Winter.


CLP 16/10/2018

Speak now or forever hold your peace blues II

This planet is obese

Complacent in our ways

Mankind’s behaviour

Brings on end of days


No moonlight now

Just artificial light

No space free

Of engined flight


Seas choking on floating

plastic waste

What do we sense?

What’s pure taste?


Perpetual growing

Air con, heating

No sign of slowing

Glaciers retreating


With this hot hot gas

Its unsurprising

Rivers run dry

Oceans keep rising


What’s been done’s done

We’re where we’re at

Time to stop expanding

Stop the world getting fat


Stop! Look around

Make the connection

Time to slow down

Time for less action


Open our mouths

Chorus together

This planet is dying

Not under the weather.



CLP 01/10/2018


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