14th May

See what happens?
You finally make an effort
To shrug off Winter's grim shroud

Music, dancing
smiles, joyful tears
and yes, the swifts

Swooping and slicing
through the humid air
skimming chimney pots

Their shrieking and screaming
is, I suppose,
what they excuse as singing


n.b. No guarantee of a good summer.

CLP 15/05/2023

on time

Saint Peter's crossed keys
offer hope of unlocked gates
is anyone home?


n.b. The keys on the shield of this iron gateway arch are a familiar symbol for those raised in the Roman church. Interesting bit of iconography, when you think about it. Keys mean various things, security, imprisonment, exclusion, safety.

In this context, they are a clear statement of insiders and outsiders, gatekeepers and offices of power.

Me? I quite enjoy being outside, in the fresh air.

CLP 15/02/2023

on time

could be? already?
curious, fearful, intrigued?
buy me to find out


n.b. Classic headline. The art of headline writing is alive and well in Norfolk. Loving the ambiguity; suspicion of nuclear waste’s existence, or fear of plans to deposit nuclear waste?

CLP 05/02/2023

on time

swimming in rivers
heart shakes, shock of cold water
alive, alive, oh!


n.b. For The Broads of the Broads, wild swimmers.

CLP 30/11/2022

on stage

something's happening here
Vieira and the Silvers


n.b. There is a scene developing in Norwich. It’s something quite special. A time, a place and an explosion of exciting, new sounds. Happy days, stupefying nights!

CLP 12/11/2022

on place

we know each other
yet context is everything
greeting unanswered


n.b. Late October. A warm Saturday night, streets busy with Halloween revellers. People dressed to be unrecognisable. How would I have known who you are?

CLP 30/10/2022

on time

Run Norwich 10k
they ask, what is your best time?
It's right about now


CLP 23/10/2022

on time

back again as if
I thought I could ever leave
roots work into soul


n.b. Trafalgar Day in Nelson’s county. The statue is Wellington, Nelson is hiding behind the orange and yellow tree in the background. I didn’t find me until after.

CLP 21/10/2022

on time

if this is home
what am I doing about it?
home for good or move


n.b. Home is not the house, but the location.

CLP 15/10/2022

on life

sparrow hawk attack
cacophony of squealing
rookery alerted


n.b. The most remarkable sight of a sparrow hawk trying to drag a jackdaw to a plucking post. The prey nearly the same size as the hawk, makes things awkward, unbalancing the flight and managing to drop to the ground in the pub garden. The sparrow hawk does not tarry, seen off noisily by the other corvids raised from the surrounding trees by the alarm.

CLP 01/09/2022