On Numbers (43)

Between rain and dusk

Over the hills and back again

Pedalling fury!


n.b. Sometimes you just get lucky and the weather breaks fall perfectly. Taking advantage of this, my cycling buddy and I sped around 43 km of Norfolk countryside today in a couple of hours. It was an almost total escape from some of the nonsense found elsewhere in the media, but not quite. I had to share the photo. We chose to avoid this complete dead-end. You may notice that the sign looks like it’s been badly beaten.

Strangely we seemed to speak to more people in passing than we might have done without Lockdown 2. Norfolk is a place where people talk to each other…at a safe distance. Maybe the distancing helps conversation. What do you think? As someone brought up in England I rather find a little physical distancing to my liking. Depends who it is though.

CLP 12/11/2020

On the Street xii

Smiles become tight lips

Breaths held, sentences halted

Nothing to hear here


n.b. At first I thought this phenomena may be an unsociable characteristic of city life, but realised it is a new courtesy amongst the unmasked, a show of respect for passing fellow pedestrians with white hair; not breathing out, postponing the moment of exhalation until some random old boy has safely passed by.



On the Street v

St. Vitus dances

in London Street while smiling

Sells the Big Issue


n.b. There is a man who comes into Norwich to sell the fund-raising magazine The Big Issue. Sellers are the street homeless who are trying to find a way out of the no job – no money – no home – no job – no money loop. This guy never stops moving, never stops trying to engage the eye, never drops his smile.

I haven’t bought a copy from him yet. You know? I will now. His smile has won through.

n.n.b. St. Vitus, one of the “14 Holy Helpers” and patron saint of dancers.


CLP 04/10/2020