on time

Don't count your chickens
they won't be bothered at all
they're not counting you


CLP 13/05/2022

On Dreams xiv

to activate dreams

start by counting cows then sheep

then feed fresh born lambs

n.b. I have skipped ‘On Dreams xiii’ for now.


CLP 19/05/2021

On Numbers (AZD7442)

Overwhelmed by it?


May be the answer


n.b. Another breakthrough in preventatives and treatments: monoclonal antibodies?

While we may have sussed the biochemistry, we still need to keep at the age old problem of sharing the Love, brothers and sisters, sharing the Love.

CLP 26/12/2020

On Numbers (x.3)

To be the father

of two gifted, healthy sons

needs their mother’s love


CLP 24/11/2020

On Numbers (Infinity)

Everything we do

today can make tomorrow

a day worth having


n.b. God, give me strength to do the right thing.



On Numbers (43)

Between rain and dusk

Over the hills and back again

Pedalling fury!


n.b. Sometimes you just get lucky and the weather breaks fall perfectly. Taking advantage of this, my cycling buddy and I sped around 43 km of Norfolk countryside today in a couple of hours. It was an almost total escape from some of the nonsense found elsewhere in the media, but not quite. I had to share the photo. We chose to avoid this complete dead-end. You may notice that the sign looks like it’s been badly beaten.

Strangely we seemed to speak to more people in passing than we might have done without Lockdown 2. Norfolk is a place where people talk to each other…at a safe distance. Maybe the distancing helps conversation. What do you think? As someone brought up in England I rather find a little physical distancing to my liking. Depends who it is though.

CLP 12/11/2020

On Numbers 00:00

How often have I

Seen the digits click to nought?

How often with you?


n.b. However we measure time, there is always a Midnight tracking around the Earth in opposition to Noon. Interesting isn’t it?

CLP 31/10/2020

On Numbers 7

Of the mortal sins

I must confess to them all

No apologies


n.b. I am wholly culpable. I made those choices. I live with the consequences.


CLP 26/10/2020

On Numbers 6

A social sextet,

multiplied by two metres:

twelve square metres


n.b. I think that you’ll find pub tables ain’t quite that big…not that anyone is counting, so “one metre plus” is fine as well. I checked with the BBC.

The scientific evidence for physical distancing is published in the British Medical Journal, but it suggests we are not far enough apart. Which makes sense when you realise you can smell someone exhaling strawberry fumes from an electronic smoking device from a car park and a half distant. (What is it about those things? Why not just suck a lolly pop?).


CLP 21/10/2020

On Numbers 20

There is a limit

But please, don’t worry yourself

Nobody’s counting


n.b. Of late the UK speed limit signs have become absolutely pointless pieces of street furniture, unless you consider them to be essential props in the black humour of the living art installation that is Brexit Britain.


CLP 21/10/2020