Covid-19 Crisis: Warning sign 1

Dateline: 26th October, 2020 Location: Norwich, England

I knew my mental health had taken a turn for the worse when I realised I was pulling my face mask on to go to the bathroom…in my own apartment…where I live alone.

CLP 26th October 2020

On Numbers 3

How many days would

you expect a friend to wait

before warning you?


n.b. Thanks, mate. Three days is a long stretch to have to wait before letting on you have symptoms of a notifiable disease to someone who you last saw four days ago. How dare you take decisions on my behalf about my health and the health of my friends and family! How do you know what the risk is; who I plan to meet; how effective physical distancing actually is if asymptomatic? I would have made different decisions had you been kind enough to let me know. I hope you get better soon. My asymptomatic test results are due tomorrow.

CLP 26/10/2020