On Mercury

Retrograde movement

an optical illusion

Orpheus, don’t look!


n.b. Apparently there is a bit of thing when Mercury is backsliding for nostalgia. Being grateful for the good things is one thing, wallowing in the past – meh.


CLP 17/02/2021

The Sculptor

Recognising the flaws

In her fellow men

She embarked on a modelling course

To take the putty she had in her hands

And shape it as she saw fit

During her apprenticeship

Plenty of work came to nothing

But she was admired

For her willingness

To try anew


CLP 04/01/2020

Past Perfect Future

I don’t want to talk

About yesterdays because

I want tomorrows


n.b. Having good memories is nice, but making more of them is nicer. Look sharp! Eyes to the fore.

CLP 02/10/2019