Barn Owl

from a veil of liquified air
a night hunter forms
tracing the vein of the marsh
a flake of fallen moon
tumbling across the reeds
bent by the North-East wind
seeks prey driven up by flood
its silent scouring
spreading silver shivers
through night-cowed fowl
who sit in trepidation
on black mirror pools
muttering their muffled complaints
helpless until the dawn


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023, Day 2 prompt (too complicated to reiterate here), led me to this.

CLP 02/04/2023

on sun

bright break in snow storm
chaffinches exchange songlines
lone owl's mournful call


n.b. Cowm Reservoir, Lancashire served up all weathers with a suite of birdsong.

CLP 14/03/2023


a fledgling tawny owl
to whit, one learning to fly
landed here and sat still
we watched and waited
for it to fly
it watched
and waited
for us to go too


CLP 16/05/2022

On Daynight

Like owls, we start night

Without wait for loss of light

Love bites into day


CLP 23/07/2020