on pain

constant ache, dull pulse
somewhere deep inside, like rain
broken connection


CLP 11/01/2023

on life

who are you kidding?
all the better to feel joy
reminders of pain


CLP 29/12/2022

on Independence

freed from monarchy
everyone responsible
Liberty Bell tolls


n.b. Beyond words.

CLP 04/07/2022

on memory

look at our pictures
we were always so happy
airbrush out that hurt


CLP 21/05/2022

on Ukraine xv

dead of night silence
broken record shrieks and cries
drunk mimics your pain


n.b. There is no peace until you have peace.

CLP 07/03/2022

on unsettling weather

ripple, swelling, wave
crashing in from the West Country
close shutters, draw blinds
it will blow through
I'll do the necessary repairs
things will return to near normal
you won't see the damage
everything should look okay
almost as good as new


CLP 18/02/2022

Oh! Mothers

it is said childbirth
is the most painful of pains
but not after this


n.b. Sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, husbands, fathers, friends. Young men, rest in peace.

CLP 29/08/2021

Oh! Taliban / I.S.

'tis the devil's work
using human bombs to kill
perversion of faith


n.b. pain old as mountains never-ending series

CLP 26/08/2021

Oh, Afghanistan!

centuries pass by

what is twenty years to you

pain old as mountains

CLP 16/08/2021

On Cigarettes

he announced I have given up!

six weeks and it’s rare I feel the lack

I knew just what he meant

having given up on us

but he omitted

how raw that rare

how this rare is more like blue

there is still a pulse

when the knife goes in

I twitch


CLP 25/07/2021