Oh! Mothers

it is said childbirth
is the most painful of pains
but not after this


n.b. Sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, husbands, fathers, friends. Young men, rest in peace.

CLP 29/08/2021

Oh! Taliban / I.S.

'tis the devil's work
using human bombs to kill
perversion of faith


n.b. pain old as mountains never-ending series

CLP 26/08/2021

Oh, Afghanistan!

centuries pass by

what is twenty years to you

pain old as mountains

CLP 16/08/2021

On Cigarettes

he announced I have given up!

six weeks and it’s rare I feel the lack

I knew just what he meant

having given up on us

but he omitted

how raw that rare

how this rare is more like blue

there is still a pulse

when the knife goes in

I twitch


CLP 25/07/2021

On Hope

see, you have survived

but how was this possible?

your heart was broken


CLP 20/07/2021

On Routine

keep on keeping on

however much it’s hurting

one step at a time


CLP 17/07/2021

On Proof

words had made no sense

so you placed my hand inside

your heart packed with ice


CLP 15/07/2021

On Summer

the heavens opened

rain filled in every hollow

she’d spat out her heart


CLP 10/07/2021

Dream #13

your careful choice of words

so free and easily phrased

sparks spectacular reactions

at the back of my mind

guarantee confusion of sleep

with memory

in reality you exist only in nightmares

in truth I fear you

no longer


n.b. Echoes of past lives carried in words. History / Herstory.


CLP 06/06/2021

On Hope Sparked In a Slowly Fracturing Heart

How to shift / this heavy shroud / darkening day / shadowing night

eyes blinded / purgatory / lived in present / desolation

sunlight floods bedroom / I awake / stiffened resolve / choice exists


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty Prompt: Sijo to your heart’s content:





CLP 20/04/2021