On Numbers (x.3)

To be the father

of two gifted, healthy sons

needs their mother’s love


CLP 24/11/2020

On Screen

Don’t sit so close t’it

You’ll damage your eyes! said dad

He’d just been smoking


n.b. Aggressive, domineering father, picking up on his teenage daughter’s posture while reading her mobile as they sat in the queue at the health centre.

The man had been outside for five minutes smoking a cigarette, which he threw into the street.

Draw your own conclusions.


CLP 17/02/2020

Emotional Blackmail

“I just want my kids to be happy”

So commonly heard

So unthinking said

And missing the point

Of parenthood

And childhood


“I don’t care what he does, as long as he’s happy”

What the children know of their parents

Who want them just to be happy

Is that they hold the keys

To all the doors

Well before they’re eighteen


“I’ll do anything for my babies”

Who soon learn that to sulk

Is to take control



Power without responsibility


“I don’t know where we went wrong”

So commonly heard

So unthinking said.


n.b. Happiness is a derived emotional state that seems to come from a sense of being at ease amongst those you respect and share purpose. Hence the attraction of online gaming and gangs. Happy families it appears to me, do things together, rather than just being an altar for feeding the children’s egotistical pleasures.

NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 20 prompt: Use speech commonly heard.


CLP  20/04/2019