on light

I must head northwards
cold burns throat, breath becomes smoke
winter sun warms back


CLP. 21/01/2023

on time

we would jump on board
be in Paris in three hours
just catch memories


n.b. Time was when the passing Eurostar was a symbol of freedom, opportunity and hope. Now it is simply a relic of days when Europe was a place we shared with our Continental cousins, a symbol of loss.

CLP 30/1/2021

on time

I have been awake
too many hours, travelling
too long, to write now


CLP 29/09/2021

On Valentine’s Day

London, Paris, Rome

Where ever you are I hope

Your love’s with you too


CLP 14/02/2021

On Numbers (x.6)

Across the Harbour

I see her laughter sparkling

Eyes matching the sea


CLP 28/11/2020

In the (U)SA (viii)

From France, as a gift

Statue of Liberty

Now Paris flares up


CLP 03/06/2020