On Pain (Norfolk)

Young men side by side

British, Czechs, Poles, and Germans

Buried together.


n.b. Farmers’ fields reclaimed from airfields, except this hallowed ground that holds sons of Europe, (and Australia, Canada and New Zealand), whose souls have flown.


CLP 10/09/2020

On the Road xxvi

Restlessness ceases

Traveller’s weary heart breathes

Grass soft underfoot


n.b. God bless her and all who sail in her.


On the Rise

Bright, brighter, brightest

Venus tows Moon to zenith

Weary Sun awakes


CLP 17/08/2020

On Love

Wounded but blessed

Arrow leaves scars forever

Touch them; they are real


n.b. Better to have had than have not. I have been blest.


CLP 14/07/2020


The harsh-sunned pool laid flat still

Mirror to the willows’ feathered limbs

A float-glass plate decorated with green

Fronds and strands held still beneath

No flow, no breath

I lean on the stone parapet

See my silhouette’s sharp outline

I am about to leave this scene

When a metallic flash, a flip, a soft splash

The surface cut from below by a butterfly kiss

Yes, she’s there, but not for long

But she’s there

I smile to myself and wander happily on


CLP 10/08/2020

On The Beach

I sat on the stones

In warm air

Spray on my face

Sea air in my lungs

Warmth of Sun on my back

I sat on the stones

Nothing more than this


CLP 10/07/2020

On Endings (iii)

Thoughtless ramblings

Reconstructed sensibly

With presence of mind


CLP 22/06/2020

In the (U)SA (?)

There will reach a point

When people have to sit down

And smoke the pipe of peace


CLP 03/06/2020

On Solitude

In time of chaos

Seek space to discover calm

Beautiful respite


CLP 06/03/2020

On Waiting

Time no enemy

Offers up precious seconds

Gifts for you alone


CLP 04/03/2020